Hawaii Wedding | Ihilani Resort

Location - Ihilani Resort

With family and friends coming from the Bay Area and Japan, Hawaii seemed like the perfect middle location. The ceremony was held under the Ihilani gazebo with the reception to follow in the Malolo room. With the sun falling fast, it's great knowing what we need to do and not mess around with camera settings and equipment. Another awesome Hawaii sunset out on secret beach.

Hawaii Wedding | Royal Hawaiian Waikiki

Location - Royal Hawaiian Hotel Waikiki
Videographer - Kai-Media
Minister - Reverend Michael Nelson

Our long day started at the brides house with traditional Chinese games, a Chinese tea ceremony, and 3 different outfits for the bride, ended with an awesome video highlight from the talented Kai-Media. And not to forget the awesome lion dance performance!

Hawaii Wedding | Ihilani Hotel

Location - Ihilani Hotel and Resort

Because of the chapel rules of using their own photographers, we were unable to capture the ceremony at the Waioli Chapel. Kentaro's parents were married there 35 years ago and Chiaki and Kentaro wanted to have the same ceremony. Chiaki really wanted to hire us for their wedding day, so we came up with a plan to be at the Ihilani to capture their getting ready and also their first meeting, and then come back to the Ihilani after the ceremony for a special sunset session out on the beach. Even though there was a language barrier between us ( Chiaki and Kentaro are from Japan) we were able to have fun and get some amazing pictures.


Hawaii Wedding | Ihilani Resort | Lanikuhonua

Location: Ihilani Resort and Lanikuhonua.
Florist: Ryan Medeiros
Videographer: Aria Studios


Hawaii Wedding | St. Andrews Chapel | Sheraton

Being a Hawaii wedding photographer means being able to work in some amazing places. Although St. Andrews is right across the street from our studio, I've never had a chance to work there. We can literally see it when we look outside our windows. Being that the chapel is run by a Japanese company, it is very rare that outside photographers are allowed to shoot there. After our bride convinced the chapel and it was okay for us to shoot there, we were more than excited at the opportunity. St. Andrews is known for its dramatic stained glass and beautiful architecture. After the ceremony, we headed down to the famous Lanikai Hawaii beach and then back to the Sheraton Waikiki Beach hotel for the reception. Although my Japanese is very limited to just knowing how to count to 10, we had a great time.


Hawaii Wedding | Lanikuhonua Beach | Ihilani

Another Hawaii Wedding down at the beach know as "secret beach" near the Ihilani Hotel. Unfortunately it is not a secret anymore and I also just found out that it's not even called Lanikuhonua beach. Anyway, congratulations to another awesome couple and a perfect sunset.